I cant thank you enough ! You put my father in law at ease ( and of course he knows everything) , gave the kids something to do, made my wife laugh and saved me $22,000 on my purchase price of 1.8 mill.

You even ordered pizza after the inspection so the kids could play on the beach and then told us where the two best ice cream joints on the shore are.

total slam dunk !

stop by anytime you are in the area, Ethan and the gang.

          Guardian Home Inspections

Home, Radon, Termite, Mold, Septic, Pool, Lead, Child Safety and More.

​Certified Master Inspector and InterNachi Member

Pricing and Services

Condo's                                              $349.00

Town home                                        $425.00
up to 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath rooms

Detached single family home             $450.00 
up to 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bath rooms

Mother/Daughter                                $575.00+
up to 5 bed rooms, 3 bathrooms

Multi-Family building                            $650.00+

depending on the number off apartments and other factors.

​Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include Radon or termite inspection
Please see the list below.

Condo:  One Water heater, Heating/cooling unit, electrical panel, up to 2 bed room's.

Town house :   One water heater, Heating/cooling unit, Electrical panel, up to 3 bed room's.

Detached single family home:  One water heater, Heating/cooling unit, Electrical panel, up to 4 bed room's.

Mother/Daughter: One water heater, heating/cooling system, electrical panel, up to 5 bed room's.

Multi-Family home: Two water heaters, Heating/cooling systems, up to 3 electrical panels, two units/apartments.

Additional units/apartments , $75.00 each

Additional Electrical panels,  $20.00 each

Additional water heaters,       $10.00 each

Additional heating/cooling units (HVAC) 35.00 each

Condo inspections include attic spaces .

Town home and all other structure inspections include attic and basement/crawlspace areas.

Radon Testing: As part of a home inspection $125.00 depending on geographic area
As an stand alone test: $ 150.00

Termite,   $55.00 as part of a home inspection. (included in the basic packages)
125.00 as a stand alone service

  package Price Special # 1

Example: Condo,$349.00
               Termite,$.75.00  Total- $549.00

                Package Special: $475.00