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          Guardian Home Inspections

A. Exterior: Lot grade and slope, run off areas, sidewalks, steps, porches, decks, siding,doors, windows, roof, garage,patios, plumbing vents, chimneys, driveways and more.

 Interior:Doors, flooring,walls, ceilings,HVAC, Plumbing,bathrooms, bed rooms, laundry room, basement, any and all living spaces, electrical boxes and outlets, kitchen, sinks, attic spaces that we can readily enter and more.

Q. What is not covered under a "normal home inspection"
A. Low voltage systems (door bells, UHF/VHF wire, Satellite dishes) 
Septic sewage, sub-surface drains for gutters or surface drains,
any area that is not readily accessible
( crawlspace doors that are nailed shut, too small or unstable, roofs that are damaged,too steep,wet or snow covered)
Whirlpool tubs( normal tub functions will be tested but we will not fill the tub and run it due to insurance issues).
Most kitchen appliances( stove,dishwasher,refrigerator,)
we will look at the basic operation of these items with the exception of the dishwasher and the overall condition of the units will be included in your report.

Any and all valves controls including but not limited to Gas, Oil, Water etc.

I cant thank you enough ! You put my father in law at ease ( and of course he knows everything) , gave the kids something to do, made my wife laugh and saved me $22,000 on my purchase price of 1.8 mill.

You even ordered pizza after the inspection so the kids could play on the beach and then told us where the two best ice cream joints on the shore are.

total slam dunk !

stop by anytime you are in the area, Ethan and the gang.

                 FYI how and why

If you are buying a new home you don’t need any surprises and you certainly don’t need any more stress.

Here at Guardian Home Inspections we pride ourselves on quality service, excellent pricing and same day report delivery*. 

We take a common sense approach to home inspection and explain things in Plain English to ensure that you fully understand what your buying. 

One example of our great pricing: 2588SF home, 2.5 baths Pre-sale inspection Our price $450.00
 Next nearest competitor price...$550.00 

That’s a $100.00 dollar savings and in this economy you need to keep every penny you can!!! 

We don’t sell you services you don’t need and never rush you through your

We ensure that we have ample time to discuss your concerns and help you make an informed buying decision. 

We inspect anything from one bedroom condo's to 10,000 sf Mc-Mansions!

Century homes(100 plus years old) are always welcome. Modular homes too.
Guardian home Inspections has been a leader in home inspections on the Jersey Shore for a decade!

Open 7 days a week. 

Most reports delivered same day/within 24 hours.
Stop over paying for under qualified home inspectors and call us Today!

Call today or text and let’s see what we can do for you! 732.895.7997

 Licensed and Insured for you peace of mind.
We offer: 
Home Inspections 
Termite Inspections 
Radon Testing
 Oil Tank Location 
Mold Testing 
Lead Testing
Pool C/O inspections
 Child safety critique and more!

Please visit our FYI page Not all home inspectors are created equal and  you should know as much about your inspector as possible  to ensure a positive home inspection experience!

Attention:  If you have one of our older blue brochures those prices are no longer valid   We apologise for any inconvenience.  Please visit our pricing page for updated prices.

FYI: It has come to our attention that there is another company in North NJ that is using the Guardian name.

We are in NO WAY AFFILIATED with this home inspection agency located in Cresskill NJ and any negative reviews you may encounter do not have anything to do with us.


Q.How much does a home inspection cost?

A. Prices start at $450.00 for single family homes and up.
    Please refer to the pricing page.

Q.How long does a home inspection take?

A. Depending on the size of the home, about 1.5 hours. Mother/daughter and multi-family's are 2.0 plus hours.

QWhen will I get my report?

A. 99% of our reports are sent out the same day.

Reports for home inspections on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sundays are exempt, unless by special arrangement.

Q. How will I get my report?

A. We deliver 90% of our reports by email. You may also request that your report be sent by fax or U.S.P.S. Under certain circumstances we can also have them hand delivered.

Q. What if I have questions or need more information on the report?

A. You can always call me directly at my cell number.

Q. Does my lawyer get a copy of the report?

A. Yes. We will be more than happy to make delivery arrangements.

Note: No one is entitled to a copy of your report without your express permission, this includes real estate agents.

Q. What if the owner or agent is not sure if there is an oil tank on the property?

A. You can request what is commonly referred to as a "Tank Sweep".  We can arrange this service for you or you may look in the yellow pages under " Tank Location Services". Some fuel oil supply company's also offer this service.
In Monmouth and Ocean counties Lawes in Shrewsbury NJ is one company we see often.

Q. Does Guardian inspect septic sewage systems?

A. Yes we do through a second party.

Q. What are you going to look at during my home inspection?

A.   Everything that we can get our eyes on :)